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Ayni in traditional Quechua life way, is the main principle to Andean social and spiritual manifestation. It is a sacred form of reciprocity of how we energetically support our community with action from a balanced spirit, and in alignment with all of our relations. I'm excited to see how we can work together and support one another in this way.

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A Natural Dye Practice Prioritizing Honor and Respect

Maria Calderon has spent her entire life dedicated to studying Andean fiber arts plant color and weaving styles of the Andean highlands, where her fathers Quechua relatives reside. As someone who respects traditional crafts, Maria did not work specifically in the this form until she felt she could approach the process with respect and honor. She observed and studied traditional weaving and plant dyes and referenced them in her paintings for nearly 13 years before she focused on creating the plant color that inspired her paintings. She regards traditional dyeing as a sacred practice with great cultural weight and energy.