Dye Conditions

All pieces are one of a kind, and dyed individually often in several different dye materials over time.

As many of my tannins are mixed from local material, when a piece is dyed in "tannins" it could be a combination of up to 5 different plants from my property at any given time. When an item simply says "tannins" it is because it is a combination of what my property is providing at any given time. 

It is expected to have many variations in color and depth that may not be consistent, as is natural with the dye process.

It is expected to have small fragmented areas of depth from tannins ( brown and yellow) and occasionally iron ( grey to black)

I do my best to acknowledge any discoloration that may be inconsistent with the energy of a piece, but it is common and usually embraced to have such characteristics in these garments.

Returns and Exchanges

All items are final sale unless there has been a prior sales agreement made between you and the artist.

If an initial agreement has been made for a refund,

there will be a %15 restocking fee reduced to your order as well as the initial shipping fee,

in some cases, you may need to wait for your return until the item sells again depending on our flow and the circumstance at hand.

Please understand that I work by myself, with occasional assistance from my partner, so it is difficult for me to financially shift with returns and exchanges after a purchase is already made.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding in this process.

As we grow we hope to accommodate everyones needs much more efficiently.

Domestic Shipping

standard shipping is delivered in a USPS flat rate padded envelope or box depending on the size of your order. Your shipment will be insured for the value of your item and will take 3 days from when the package is received by the facility. Each shipment will include tracking.

Express Shipping

arrives in a USPS flat rate padded envelope, and will arrive within 24 hours of arrival at a facility. 

International Shipping

standard international shipping takes 5-10 days worldwide and is sent in a USPS flat rate padded envelope.

Shipping to Canada, Mexico, and the UK usually arrives the quickest. 

If you have questions regarding duties and customs specifications for your country, please email me directly so we can arrange according to your needs.