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Sun and Sky Spectrum

Sun and Sky Spectrum

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%100 Regenerative Agricultural Ahimsa Silk

76" x 43"

handspun, handwoven, and hand loomed in a single community in India. 

This Spectrum Ahimsa Silk is sized as n XXL Sarong. It can be worn a number of ways. You can wear it as a wrap, a head scarf, hijab, a skirt, or a dress. It is also the same size as a standard curtain, so when not wearing, you can clip the fabric to O rings and hang it in front of your window. it also looks lovely as a spread for the foot of a bed. Essentially this is an adult play silk, so feel free to get creative with it and use it in your ceremony however you please.  Natural dyes transform from outdoor to indoor light, and this specific silk has a brilliant natural iridescent quality which reflects light beautifully. 

About Ahimsa Silk

Also known as peace silk, is silk that is cultivated in a way that allows the moths to emerge from their cocoons before harvesting. A naturally regenerative practice, which allows these moths to maintain their cycle of life and regenerate population. Because the moths are allowed to emerge it breaks the length of the silk, which makes it less stable, and for there to be "imperfections" in the quality of the fabric. I personally see each moment of a break in the consistency of the fiber as a sign of life. Because these are also handspun and hand loomed, the fiber also may have some inconsistencies due to the physical hands that make this fabric. I also admire this quality and celebrate the hands that made this fiber. 


%100 Bamboo Rayon

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Green Dry Clean or wash delicate in a wash bag with PH neutral soap. wash warm + dry medium

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